Learn CBElasticsearch module config, environment variable support, and more.
Once you have installed the module, you may add a custom configuration, specific to your environment, by adding an cbElasticsearch configuration object to your moduleSettings inside your Coldbox.cfc configuration file.
By default the following are in place, without additional configuration:
moduleSettings = {
"cbElasticsearch" = {
//The native client Wirebox DSL for the transport client
// The default hosts - an array of host connections
// - REST-based clients (e.g. JEST): round robin connections will be used
// - Socket-based clients (e.g. Transport): cluster-aware routing used
versionTarget = getSystemSetting( "ELASTICSEARCH_VERSION", '' ),
hosts = [
//The default connection is made to
serverProtocol: getSystemSetting( "ELASTICSEARCH_PROTOCOL", "http" ),
serverName: getSystemSetting( "ELASTICSEARCH_HOST", "" ),
serverPort: getSystemSetting( "ELASTICSEARCH_PORT", 9200 )
// The default credentials for access, if any - may also be overridden when searching index collections
defaultCredentials = {
"username" : getSystemSetting( "ELASTICSEARCH_USERNAME", "" ),
"password" : getSystemSetting( "ELASTICSEARCH_PASSWORD", "" )
// The default index
defaultIndex = getSystemSetting( "ELASTICSEARCH_INDEX", "cbElasticsearch" ),
// The default number of shards to use when creating an index
defaultIndexShards = getSystemSetting( "ELASTICSEARCH_SHARDS", 5 ),
// The default number of index replicas to create
defaultIndexReplicas = getSystemSetting( "ELASTICSEARCH_REPLICAS", 0 ),
// Whether to use separate threads for client transactions
multiThreaded = true,
// The maximum amount of time to wait until releasing a connection (in seconds)
maxConnectionIdleTime = 30,
// The maximum number of connections allowed per route ( e.g. search URI endpoint )
maxConnectionsPerRoute = 10,
// The maxium number of connections, in total for all Elasticsearch requests
maxConnections = getSystemSetting( "ELASTICSEARCH_MAX_CONNECTIONS", 100 ),
// Read timeout - the read timeout in milliseconds
readTimeout = getSystemSetting( "ELASTICSEARCH_READ_TIMEOUT", 3000 ),
// Connection timeout - timeout attempts to connect to elasticsearch after this timeout
connectionTimeout = getSystemSetting( "ELASTICSEARCH_CONNECT_TIMEOUT", 3000 )
At the current time only the REST-based [Hyper] native client is available. Support is in development for a socket based-client. For most applications, however the REST-based native client will be a good fit.

Configuration via Environment Variables

Since the default settings will read from environment variables if they exist, we can easily configure cbElasticsearch from a .env file:
# .env
# Configure elasticsearch connection
# Configure data storage and retrieval
You will need to read these settings into the coldfusion server upon server start via commandbox-dotenv or some other method.
For security reasons, make sure to add .env to your .gitignore file to avoid committing environment secrets to github/your git server.
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