We're open source! Get started hacking on CBElasticsearch to add a new feature, fix the docs, or prove a regression.

Follow these steps to get started hacking on CBElasticsearch:

  1. Clone the module - git clone

  2. Install dependencies - box install

  3. Start the cbelasticsearch server - box start

  4. Run tests - box testbox run

Running Elasticsearch

To run the test suite you need a running instance of ElasticSearch. We have provided a docker-compose.yml file in the root of the repo to make this easy as possible. Run docker-compose up --build ( omit the --build after the first startup ) in the root of the project and open http://localhost:8080/tests/runner.cfm to run the tests.

If you would prefer to set up Elasticsearch yourself, make sure you start this app with the correct environment variables set:



To issue a new release:

  1. Update (and commit) with each addition, bugfix, or security issue.

    1. These should be placed under the version number heading: ## [x.y.z] - dd-mm-yyyy. Later this will be automated to use the ## Unreleased section.

  2. Set and commit the new version number in box.json, following semantic versioning format.

  3. Run the release script: box recipe build/release.boxr

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